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How to embrace video in your business

Video is an amazing tool for building your business. It engages audiences, builds trust and helps convince them to purchase from you. It's also a fantastic tool for communicating with your team and sharing expertise and knowledge.




That's the power of video for entrepreneurs, thought-leaders & corporate teams

But how do you get started with video?

How do you produce watchable, professional quality video without the expense of commissioning the specialist producers and production companies?

Video4Business can show you how.

Through our online courses, we teach entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and corporate teams how to fast-track to creating their own engaging, high-quality business videos using professional business video production techniques. What’s more, you can even get started with nothing more than a smartphone or tablet.

If you are in Australia, we also offer the option of half, one and two day practical business video production workshops where you’ll get hands-on experience to grow your skills fast.

Free video essentials starter course

If you’re an entrepreneur, thought-leader or part of a corporate team that’s keen to embrace video within your business, then grab this opportunity to quickstart your video production journey by taking our free Video Essentials starter course. 

learn how to tell your stories

Storytelling is a powerful technique for reaching your audience on an emotional level. And if you can stir the emotions, you can increase retention and engagement. But “storytelling” is also an overused marketing buzzword of the moment. Is there a way to embrace a “storytelling” process that REALLY works? 

Well, at Video4Business, we follow a tried and tested Emmy-Award winning film-making process to help you identify your purpose and find the heart to your stories. We’ll show you how to develop your story around the four pillars of People, Places, Purpose and Plot. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to a plot structure that will ensure your story will resonate with your audience and make them care. The objective of this process is to guide the heart, but move the mind. 

We’ve been sharing this process with clients and it’s absolute GOLD. Let us show you how to mine that gold within your own business stories. 

What's does our free video essentials course cover?

Getting started

We all have a great quality camera in our pockets these days - the smartphone. And, yes, it's an excellent way to get started with producing videos for your business. But here's the thing, in order to produce quality videos that your audience will actually watch, you'll need a few tips and tricks. We've done the research, developed a fun, effective course and tested it out on our corporate clients through a series of well-received workshops. The teams we trained are now producing a ton of their own content so we know this stuff works. And now, we're making that content available online for the first time - and for a limited time it's totally free!.

Helpful apps and accessories

To up the ante on your video productions, you'll need a few little accessories to improve the quality of what you generate. There are also some great apps that can really help your videos. And here's the thing, this course will save you a ton of time and money as we've done the research and found solutions that will vastly improve what you create but won't break the bank!

We make it fun to learn

This course is filled with first-hand experience gained through 30+ years of producing TV programmes and corporate videos. Learning something new can be challenging. But the great thing with the Video4Business courses and workshops is that they're actually a LOT of FUN! In our courses and workshops, we lift the lid on the world of video and TV production and help you "really see" how the content is put together.

Tips and tricks

So how do I shoot a piece to camera? How do I shoot interviews? Do I talk to the camera or look off camera? How do I capture good audio? Lighting? Camera angles? Composition? Shooting cutaway? Editing? Do I need extra gear? Apps? You're going to have a million questions when you start down your video production journey - we'll help answer the big ones to get you started.

Video for business - not filmmaker wannabes!

This isn't a course aimed at wannabe filmmakers. This course is for entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, small businesses and corporate teams who just want to know how to produce compelling content.

The focus is on what you NEED to know to just get started quickly and effectively. It's a course to help you embrace video as a valuable tool in your marketing and communication toolbox.

FREE course starting soon

So how do you tap into our free course? Simply go to our Online Courses page and sign up today. And when will it start? Well, we have to confess that we've been suffering a little from "plumber with a leaky tap syndrome" and discovered that it's quite hard to make videos for yourself! But we're onto it and intend to launch the first course at the end of October. So sign up now and be one of the first to benefit from this FREE course.

improve your videos using the techniques of the professionals

Wobbly shots, bad lighting, dodgy focus, poor audio and too much zooming – the instant identifier of amateurish, hard to watch video that, in the business world, can damage your brand! So how do you “enhance” your brand and communications. With “quality” video.

And what defines “quality” video? Clear audio, well exposed, in-focus shots that have a “good” colour balance; sequences with different shot sizes that cut smoothly together; overlay footage that enhances the messages contained within the video; titles and name super… The techniques are tried and tested and actually easier to learn than you might think. Our courses share the techniques of the pros so you can improve your own business videos quickly.

Get your video production skills flying:

At the end of the Video4Business courses, you’ll be ready to start producing many of the videos that you would have previously needed  a professional for. You’ll understand how to capture good sound, compose your shots and get the basics of shooting right.

We’ll show you how to master real business-world scenarios: how to record a piece-to-camera, how to direct and shoot interviews using single and multiple cameras and how to shoot sequences and cutaway material to really make your videos shine. 

We’ll also show you how to shoot conference presentations, live events and product demonstrations, how to capture vox pops and how to edit it all together. 

But producing the videos is just the start. How do you capitalise on what you’ve produced? How do you format the finished videos, where do you put them and how do you leverage them beyond a simple video to improve your website SEO or your engagement objectives? We’ll show you how!

About Video4Business

Isn’t training entrepreneurs and businesses how to make their own videos a really bad idea for a professional video producer/director with 30+ years of TV, commercial and corporate production experience? Isn’t this a great way to put yourself out of business? 

Good question! 

Our Production Mantra

There's a simple mantra we use in video production: LOOK & LISTEN

If you're really using your eyes, you will spot errors in colour balance, spot the pole sticking out the top of your interviewees head, spot the light stand in the background. So always look, look, look.

And listen! When you walk into a room, it's unlikely that you'll normally notice the air-conditioning noise or the footsteps on the wooden floor outside. We naturally tune them out. But they will be a distraction on your video audio! And if a plane flies over mid shot, that will potentially be a problem in the edit if you need to make a cut during that piece.

So keep your ears and eyes open at all times and remember to use them!
Nigel Miller
Course Instructor

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. This is a site about making videos and yet it doesn’t contain any videos!!! Well a quick confession. This site is a work in progress and we’re still working on the videos. They’ll be added very soon!!! But in the meantime, relax with some shots of where these videos are being produced:

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